Search Engine Optimization


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization means getting noticed on the web.

Since search engines are essentially a list of data and images, how do you get your website to appear at top of the search engines for your keywords or keyword phrases? What are your keywords?

Many of our clients ask us how to rank better in the search engines, so we have devised a system that works well for them.

There is no doubt that promoting your website on the internet can greatly increase the chances of being found and exponentially increasing sales.

How to determine if SEO is right for your business

    • You want to reach an audience that goes beyond your geographical area.
    • You run a business from a home office.
    • The nature of your work does not allow you to network often.
    • You sell a product or service that appeals to more than just your neighbours, colleagues and friends.

factors involved in getting better search engine rankings

    1. Deep Keyword Research
    2. Keyword Density
    3. Keyword Rich Content
    4. Metatags
    5. Header Tags
    6. Domain Name
    7. Image Names
    8. Alt Tags
    9. Link Popularity
    10. Search Engine Submission
    11. Paid Search Engine Submission
    12. Paid online advertising such as pay-per-click (Google Adwords)
    13. Directory listings
    14. Article submission
    15. Forums discussions

We have a variety of packages to fit any budget, from search engine consulting so you can do it yourself to full on SEO services.

If you would like more information on how we can help you with your search engine rankings please feel free to contact us at 250.294.1810 or



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